Emergency Room Doctor Pleads With Unvaccinated People to ‘Turn Off Fox’ and Facebook (Video)

Dr. Rob Davidson sounded an alarm on CNN for unvaccinated people, who make up all of his COVID-19 patients

An emergency room doctor used a Monday CNN appearance to urge unvaccinated people to turn away from sources that he believes are encouraging them to stay unjabbed, like Fox News and Facebook.

“I’ve seen several COVID patients now every shift for the past week and every single one of them has been unvaccinated,” said Dr. Rob Davidson, who called into “New Day” from his car and explained that patients at his Michigan hospital have been refusing the vaccine, even when offered. On Saturday, he published an op-ed for NBC News saying the same thing.

He went on, “We’re in a highly Republican area — about 40% vaccination rate; about 70% voted for the former president — and when you see what’s being put out there on the airwaves with Fox and other organizations and then that is shared on Facebook and just hits that echo chamber, it is undeniable that these messages are getting through to patients and they’re avoiding something that can prevent them from getting extremely sick or potentially dying.”

CNN has been hitting Fox News repeatedly for playing a “deadly game” with viewers, citing highly-rated primetime host Tucker Carlson as someone who is sowing doubt about the vaccine. Elsewhere on the network, anchor Harris Faulkner held a one-hour town hall on the vaccine and other hosts have praised the jab for allowing them to get back to their normal work routines.

Dr. Davidson told viewers to “turn off” these sources of information, pointing to Facebook as well as the cable network. Last week, President Joe Biden weighed in on Facebook’s role in distributing COVID misinformation, saying, “They’re killing people.”


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