Emily Blunt Came Up With One of the Best Moments on ‘The Office’

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski recall how Jim and Pam salvaged their relationship with some help from the British actress

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Emily Blunt (Credit: Getty Images)

It turns out one of the most heartwarming moments between Jim and Pam from the final season of “The Office” actually came from John Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt.

While talking with former “Office” costars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on the “Office Ladies” podcast, Fischer recalled the struggle to wrap up Jim and Pam’s story in the final season – which saw a rift driven between them thanks to Jim’s long distance job. Fischer said one day, Krasinski walked into the “Office” break room with an idea from his wife.

“You were like, “You guys I was talking to Emily this weekend and listen: What is the one thing this couple has that you wish you had as a couple? They have their whole love story on tape,’” Fischer recounted. “This documentary crew has been documenting this love story. I remember you saying ‘Jenna could you imagine if you could go back to that first date with Lee, and someone had taped it and you could watch yourselves on that first date. Wouldn’t you just lose it?’”

“That sounds like a Blunt idea,” Krasinski said. “That sounds like Blunt genius right there and I just stole it.”

The video in question appears in Season 9, Episode 22 “A.A.R.M.” The video does just what Blunt apparently suggested, showing Jim and Pam’s love story throughout the series and culminates with Jim revealing what was written on the teapot note from way back in Season 2.

“I remember when they were putting that together I was so excited to see it too because we didn’t know what they were going to put together in that whole situation,” Krasinski added. “It was so much.”

Krasinski joined the pod to talk about his new movie “IF” starring Ryan Reynolds. The film is in theaters now. Blunt also has a film currently in theaters, starring opposite Ryan Gosling in “The Fall Guy.”


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