Emma Stone Ushered Into the ‘SNL’ Five-Timers Club by Tina Fey and Candice Bergen | Video

Fey said when she joined in 2015, “TikTok didn’t exist and there were still fat celebrities because no Ozempic”

Emma Stone joined the Five-Timers Club on this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” and as is tradition, she was joined by other members of the club – but in a twist, Stone’s induction was female-focused.

Tina Fey was the first to appear and noted that Stone is the youngest member of the club. “I am the second-youngest at 53,” she quipped.

Fey then brought out Candice Bergen to help with the induction, who discussed a women’s room for club members. “It’s got everything,” Bergen said. “It’s got showers, a locker room, a big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peep in.”

When Stone inquired if the eyeholes worked both ways and you could see into the men’s room, Bergen said, “You don’t wanna do that. I looked in there once and saw a creepy ventriloquist with a ventriloquist dummy staring at me.”

“Oh no that’s John Mulaney,” Fey shot back.

Speaking about the changes since she first joined the club in 2015, Fey said, “TikTok didn’t exist, there were still fat celebrities because no Ozempic, and network TV was in its heyday. You know my show ’30 Rock’ was watched by six million people a week.”

Fey then gave Stone a jacket, and the Oscar-winning actress pulled out a joint.

“That must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket,” Bergen said. Then Stone pulled out a vaccine card. “Oh then it’s definitely not Woody’s,” Fey said in a nod to controversy over Harrelson spouting COVID vaccine conspiracy theories in his monologue back in February 2023.

Watch the full monologue in the video above.


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