Emmy Nomination Predictions in Variety & Reality: Shrinking Categories, Stay-at-Home Hosts and No ‘Amazing Race’


Contenders include John Oliver, Kate McKinnon and J-Lo and Shakira, but many of the variety and reality categories are being downsized this year because of new Emmy rules

The Emmy categories for variety and reality shows include many of the programs that have been most altered by the pandemic — talk shows and sketch shows that moved from studios to homes, singing competitions that lost their studio audiences, specials in which all the talent participated remotely. And while these are categories in which voters are famous for nominating the same shows year after year, the adjustments some programs have made for the virus may factor into some of the choices.

These are also categories that, for the most part, have shrunk in size because of the new rules that make the number of nominees proportional to the number of entries. The three reality categories will all drop from six to five nominees, while variety talk series will lose one nominee and variety sketch series will lose at least two, barring ties.

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Steve Pond

Awards Editor • steve@thewrap.com • Twitter: @stevepond