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Emmy by the Numbers: The Gang’s All Here … Except Charlie Sheen and ‘Breaking Bad’

Bryan Cranston, Jamie Oliver and Charlie Sheen won’t be able to win Primetime Emmys this year — but 4,000 others will

The full list of Emmy contenders in more than 80 categories has been posted by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and it's a monster: more than 4,000 individual and group submissions taking up hundreds of pages of pdf files downloadable by voters who will be receiving ballot sheets in the mail this week.

Two and a Half MenScheduling changes knocked out last year's winners Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad") and "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"; Charlie Sheen didn't submit an entry although his "Two and a Half Men" co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones (left) did; and the Reality Show host field is the nuttiest, ranging from RuPaul to Donald Trump.

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To become eligible, potential nominees had to submit applications and pay fees ranging in most cases from $200 to $800. (Academy members receive one free entry, and pay half price for a second.)

The acting field is by far the biggest, with 1,249 entrants in 16 separate categories; the directing and writing fields each contain more than 400 entries, with multiple episodes of many shows submitted.

In the program categories, Outstanding Reality Program edges out Outstanding Drama Series as the biggest, 93 contenders to 87; Comedy Series has 54, and the newly-combined Outstanding Miniseries or Movie category has 41.

Here's the list of entrants in the various Primetime Emmy fields. (In other, so-called "non-competitive" categories, nominations and awards are made by special panels and the contenders are not posted with these lists.)

Outstanding Animated Program: 27 entries
Art direction: 110 entries in four categories
Casting: 79 entries, three categories
Cinematography: 101 entries, two categories
Commercials: 92 entries
Costumes: 47 entries, two categories
Directing: 401 total entries (117  comedy, 197 drama, 36 miniseries/movie, 25 musical/comedy/variety series, 36 musical/comedy/variety special)
Editing: 215 entries, four categories
Hairstyling/makeup: 150 entries, seven categories
Hosts: 36 entries
Lighting design: 66 entries, two categories
Main title design: 47 entries
Nonfiction cinematography: 71 entries, two categories
Nonfiction directing: 69 entries
Nonfiction editing: 126 entries, two categories
Nonfiction sound editing: 22 entries
Nonfiction sound mixing: 53 entries
Nonfiction writing: 35 entries
Performers: 1,249 entries, 16 categories
Programs: 525 total entries (comedy series 54, drama series 87, miniseries/movie 41, variety/musical/comedy series 31, variety/musical/comedy special 53, children's program 24, children's nonfiction, reality or reality-competition program 7, nonfiction special 53, nonfiction series 45, reality program 93, reality-competition program 37)
Sound editing: 68 entries, two categories
Sound mixing: 143 entries, four categories
Special class programs: 75 entries, three categories
Stunts: 33 entries
Technical direction: 39 entries, two categories
Writing: 425 entries, five categories