Emmy Quickie: ‘Another Period’ Stars on How a Short Film Became a Comedy Central Hit (Exclusive Video)

“Most of the cast from the short is still on the show,” Riki Lindhome says of her period comedy with Natasha Leggero

Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero, the duo behind Comedy Central’s “Another Period,” lucked out when it came to assembling the team for their period comedy.

“We made a short originally to sell the show, and most of the cast from the short is still on the show,” Lindhome told TheWrap. “And that was like five years ago,” Leggero added.

And the cast of the series (which Lindhome and Leggero describe as “if the Kardashians moved into Downton Abbey”) is an impressive list of names that includes Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster and Christina Hendricks, as well as Leggero and Lindhome, themselves.

“We wrote each part for each person, and every one of them took the part,” Leggero said. “Everyone’s so unique, I can’t even imagine other people for all of those parts.”

But the writer-stars say the team behind the scenes has also been instrumental in seeing the show come to life.

“Our director Jeremy [Konner] … has been there with us since the beginning, and he really shares our sensibility,” Leggero said, adding that Konner often sits in on meetings in the writers’ room. “He’s really inspired by history, and so it’s fun that he’s so inspired by the show, as well.”

And Lindhome says their dedication is paying off, especially when fans approach them on the street with homemade tokens of appreciation and fan art inspired by the show.

“It hasn’t descended into porn fan art yet, so it all feels really good right now,” Lindhome joked.