Emmy Quickie: ‘Better Call Saul’ Star Michael McKean on How Rhea Seehorn Steals the Show (Exclusive Video)

“You see someone doing something you don’t need lines for … She’s wonderful to watch,” McKean tells TheWrap

Last Updated: August 9, 2016 @ 9:48 AM

“I had a really good season,” Michael McKean, the actor behind “Better Call Saul’s” Charles “Chuck” McGill, says of the AMC drama’s second season, which added new depth and introduced a heartbreaking backstory to his character.

The conflict between Bob Odenkirk‘s Jimmy McGill and McKean’s Chuck was at the forefront of Season 2, as the fundamental differences — and troubling similarities — between the two lawyers culminated in a season-ending cliffhanger that armed the elder sibling with everything he needed to bring down his brother for good.

But it’s a scene from the preceding episode that McKean told TheWrap is one of his favorites.

“There’s a scene where Kim [played by Rhea Seehorn] confronts Chuck,” he said. “And Jimmy’s there, but he’s just letting her ride with it. That was one of my favorite scenes.”

He also picked out a scene from the fifth episode of the season: a pivotal moment in which he delivers a lengthy monologue, adding new shading to Chuck’s relationship with his brother and making it clear that his resentment extends all the way back to the death of their father.

On paper, McKean is the obvious star of the scene, but the actor says it’s Seehorn’s silent performance that will stick with viewers.

“That was a wonderful scene because it was a lot of stuff for me to say, but watching it back, I watch how Rhea almost steals it,” he said. “You watch her in that scene, you see someone doing something you don’t need lines for … She’s wonderful to watch.”

“So I had a lot of fun this season,” he emphasized.