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Emmy Quickie: ‘Bloodline’ Star Andrea Riseborough Praises Co-Star Sissy Spacek (Exclusive Video)

”Watch it for cinematography. It’s the first thing that hits you when the credits come up,“ Riseborough tells TheWrap of Netflix drama

Netflix’s “Bloodline” is known for its breathtaking visual depiction of the Florida Keys, and even star Andrea Riseborough says that’s one of the series’ biggest draws.

“Just aesthetically as a film enthusiast, I’d say watch it for cinematography,” Riseborough told TheWrap. “It’s the first thing that hits you when the credits come up, it’s so saturated in the heavy, deep heat that they’ve got down there in the Keys.”

Riseborough joined the cast of “Bloodline” for Season 2, and she describes her character Evangeline as the one to “pick up the mantle from Danny and create some sort of havoc” for the Rayburn family.

The mother of Danny’s son Owen, Evangeline begins wreaking her havoc on the Rayburns when she convinces Danny’s mother Sally, played by Sissy Spacek, to let her and her son move in.

Riseborough said she hasn’t seen most of the series, but she was blown away by Spacek’s performance in a scene from the first episode. “The moment that really stood out to me was Sissy saying to Kyle, ‘What else is there you have to tell me? Is there something else?'” Riseborough said. “She was just so good.”

Watch the video above.