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Emmy Quickie: How ‘Love’ Star Paul Rust Mined His Own Romantic Past for Netflix Hit (Video)

Actor tells TheWrap about how finding his vulnerability drew him closer to co-star Gillian Jacobs on Judd Apatow series

Judd Apatow‘s Netflix series “Love” has a universal appeal because it tackles an experience familiar to everyone, says star Paul Rust.

“Have you ever liked somebody and wanted them to like you back? Then you should watch our show,” the actor told TheWrap in a recent interview.

He and co-star Gillian Jacobs mined their own personal romantic histories for their on-screen performance as a couple, a process Rust says brought them closer off screen as well.

“We’ve talked a lot about our own experiences in relationships and brought it to scenes,” Rust said. “And I think anytime you’re doing that, you’re sort of opening yourself up and a bond naturally forms out of that.”

The show’s broad appeal has also led to some interesting interactions with fans, Rust said.

“This sort of bro-ish looking dude walked up to me and he went ‘Dude, Dude.’ And he fist bumped me and he went, ‘Thanks for the vulnerability, man!'”