Emmys: 4 Stars Who Are 2-Timing the Voters

Four who woke up on nomination morning to find they got tabbed twice

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 3:39 PM

(This article first appeared in the EmmyWrap, "Down to the Wire.")

There are 94 nominated actors and actresses at this year’s Emmys and more than 100,000 members of the Screen Actors Guild. So the odds are pretty long against anybody hogging more than one nomination, right?

Not exactly.

When Emmy voters like someone, they really like them — so much so that year after year a few actors wake up on Emmy morning to find that they’ve been nominated in more than one category.

Here are this year’s four entries in the two-timers’ club:


Nominations: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, “Mad Men"; Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie, “Top of the Lake”

Story: As “Mad Men” wound down, Moss found a way to be someone other than Peggy Olsen — and the creepy miniseries “Top of the Lake” made her an easy double-nominee.

Best chance of winning: An Emmy rule of thumb is that the miniseries/movie categories are always less competitive than the drama categories. It’s unlikely Moss can top Claire Danes, Kerry Washington or Robin Wright in drama, but she’s got a good shot at edging past Jessica Lange in minis/movies.

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Nominations: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, “Boardwalk Empire"; Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, “Nurse Jackie”

Story: Cannavale has used his working-class, tough-guy image to good effect in both comedy and drama, playing a gangster in “Boardwalk” and a corporate physician in “Jackie.” He also played a bad clown on “Modern Family” this season, but Emmy voters stopped short of giving him a trifecta.

Best chance of winning: Frankly, his chances aren’t terribly good in either category — though if voters feel sorry for the under-nominated “Boardwalk Empire” and the two “Breaking Bad” nominees split their vote, perhaps he could pull off an upset in drama.

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Nominations: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, “The Good Wife"; Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, “Modern Family”

Story: Lane is no stranger to the comedy guest category, where he’s been nominated for “Mad About You” andFrasier,” and once before for “Modern Family.” His first nomination for drama comes on a show that has received nine guest actor and actress nominations in the last four years.

Best chance of winning: He’s known for comedy, but his chances are far better in drama. Still, he needs to hope that castmate Michael J. Fox doesn’t siphon off too many “Good Wife” votes.

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Nominations: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, “Louie"; Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, “Saturday Night Live”

Story: C.K. can look down his nose at his fellow double nominees, because he is sitting on nine Emmy noms: He was also tabbed for writing, directing and producing his series “Louie,” and for producing, writing, directing and editing his standup special, “Louis C.K.: Oh My God.” 

Best chance of winning: He’s a favorite in lead comedy actor, particularly given the across-the-board support for his show.

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