‘Entourage’ Movie Director Doug Ellin Punks Fans With Vincent Chase as Dracula Photo

The film will feature Jeremy Piven’s beloved character Ari Gold sharing scenes with a film financier played by Billy Bob Thornton

As fans wait for their first glimpse of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) in costume as Dracula in the “Entourage” movie, director Doug Ellin has gone ahead and had some fun with their fervor, and he even got TheWrap too!

The director tweeted an old photo of Chase playing Aquaman in Season 3, though some fans (including this gullible reporter) mistook the picture to be Dracula, given Grenier’s pale skin, eyeliner, long dark hair (do vampires ever go bald?) and blood-red lips that appear to be hiding fangs or some other oral prosthetic.

TheWrap was the first to report that Ellin’s script featured Chase playing the legendary vampire, though Warner Bros has yet to confirm plot details.

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What is known is that after months of salary negotiations, the entire principal cast of HBO’s hit series agreed to return for the Warner Bros. movie, and they’ll be joined by Billy Bob Thornton as a film financier who shares scenes with Ari Gold‘s (Jeremy Piven) studio head.

There’s still no word on how Rob Gronkowski factors into the movie, but stay tuned to Ellin’s Twitter feed, which is expected to reveal more juicy tidbits from the production.

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The “Entourage” movie is taking advantage of a California tax incentive and filming in Los Angeles. It’s the latest HBO series to spawn a movie following its polar opposite “Sex and the City.”