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Eyes and Ears on the Oscars: Sound and Effects Nominees Sound Off (Video)

Sound editors and visual effects specialists reflect on their work in a new edition of “Eyes & Ears on the Oscars” in partnership with Dolby

There’s more to Hollywood movies than what you think you see and hear on screen.

“The average moviegoer might assume that all of the sound they hear in a theater when they go to a movie was recorded on set, and that’s absolutely not the case,” supervising sound editor Erik Aadahl told TheWrap for “Eyes & Ears on the Oscars,” a new video in partnership with Dolby.

Aadahl, an Oscar nominee for “Argo” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” was one of several below-the-line stars who shared his insights and experience.

“The films that I work on are pretty much about blowing things up,” said Bryan Grill, Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor for “Hereafter” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” “I’ve pretty much taken out New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles a few times.”

Artists like these are particularly pleased that the Oscar recognize their work beside that of more high-profile and on-camera talent.

“Part of the fun of the Oscars is having people who are just regular folks win awards along with very famous people,” said re-recording mixer Doug Hemphill, who won an Academy Award for “The Last of the Mohicans” and whose six other nominations include “Life of Pi” and “Walk the Line.” “I think that’s part of the charm.”

Watch the video above.