Fallon Says Biden’s About to Reveal ‘Another 100 Documents Stashed in the Pool House’ After Unaffected Approval Rating (Video)

“Let’s just get that out,” Fallon joked

After three small batches of classified documents were found across President Biden’s private office and his home, his approval rating reportedly didn’t take any kind of hit. So, Jimmy Fallon suspects the president will reveal one more set of documents, this time totaling much higher.

According to a report by Newsweek on Tuesday, Biden’s approval rating has pretty much gone unaffected by his gaffe with these classified documents. In the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, which was conducted between January 10 and 12, 46% of likely voters approved of Biden’s performance, and 52% disapproved. These results are exactly the same as those from the last Rasmussen Reports poll, which took place between January 5 and 9, prior to the documents scandal.

“Today Biden said, ‘In that case, there’s another 100 documents stashed in the pool house,’” Fallon joked on Wednesday night. “‘Let’s just get that out.’”

The “Tonight Show” host added that, at this point, the White House thinks it might be “smooth sailing from here,” as long as they can keep the president from singing “Happy Birthday” to anyone, referencing footage from earlier this week when Biden seemingly forgot Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter-in-law’s name while singing to her.

Biden’s classified documents have become a touchstone for Fallon this week, as the late night host has come up with plenty of jokes about the volume of them.

After it was reported on Saturday that a third batch of documents was found at Biden’s home, this time containing five documents, Fallon joked that the annual White House Easter egg hunt might get moved this year.

“Yep, this year, instead of an Easter egg hunt, they’re gonna send the kids over to Biden’s home to look for more documents,” Fallon joked. “It’s like, ‘Found one under the sofa!’ ‘All right, hand it over.’”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.