Fallon Guesses Obama’s Response to Classified Documents Found in Biden’s Office: ‘If Joe Had Access, It Wasn’t Important’ (Video)

Fallon also took a guess at how those documents even wound up in Biden’s private office

After the Biden administration revealed this week that classified documents were recently found in Biden’s private office from his time as vice president, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon took a guess at how former president Obama likely responded to the situation. And, according to the late night host, there’s no reason to worry.

On Monday, it was reported that Biden’s team discovered 10 classified documents in a locked closet, while cleaning out his office last fall. According to a statement from Biden’s attorneys, the documents were turned over to the National Archives the morning after they were found, and it remains unclear what the documents were about.

“Today Obama was like ‘Nothing to worry about. If Joe had access, it wasn’t important,’” Fallon joked. “‘Don’t worry about it.’”

The late night host also had some ideas about how the documents even made it to Biden’s private office in the first place, something the president himself has said he’s unclear on.

“Hunter Biden was like, ‘OK, so, don’t get mad…’” Fallon said.

Naturally, Trump supporters are seizing on the opportunity to use Biden’s criticisms of the twice-impeached former president — who took hundreds of classified documents from his time in office to his Mar-A-Lago residence, kept them in a room that was unlocked and several people had access to, which are only in the government’s possession now because the FBI seized the documents in a raid after months of trying to get him to return them voluntarily — against him, arguing that Biden should’ve not only been raided on the same level, but indicted and prosecuted. 

Trump himself weighed in on the matter on Truth Social, suggesting that perhaps the FBI should even raid the White House itself — which baffled Fallon a bit.

“Good point,” Fallon mocked, looking visibly confused. “It…it would be suspicious if classified documents were found at the White House…”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.