Fallon Imagines DeSantis Defense for Being a Trump ‘Brown Noser’ After Pudding Fingers Attack: ‘Just Pudding on My Face’ (Video)

The NBC host came up with an entire round of ads for both camps

Twice-impeached-and-now-indicted former president Donald Trump’s team released a new attack ad against Florida governor Ron DeSantis on Friday, mocking his “pudding fingers” and suggesting where DeSantis should keep them. So, on Monday night, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon had a suggestion on how DeSantis should respond.

In his team’s latest attack ad against DeSantis, Trump uses the Florida governor’s “pudding fingers” as the visual centerpiece, latching onto rumors that DeSantis once ate a pudding in front of people using only his fingers. You can watch the ad here and marvel as Fallon did that “this is not a joke, this is real.”

But, with the absurdity of it, the host took advantage of the opportunity to imagine how Trump and DeSantis will hash it all out.

“Then the DeSantis super PAC replied with, ‘OK yes, he ate pudding with his fingers one time. But only because he didn’t have a spoon,’” Fallon joked. “Then the Trump super PAC was like, ‘Oh snap, you just admitted it. Everyone knows that when you don’t have a spoon, you just toss that pudding cup back like a shot of tequila.’”

The hypothetical DeSantis response then took a shot — metaphorically of course — at one of Trump’s old favorite references to anything from Mexico.

“Tequila is what America will need if you’re reelected,” the voiceover boomed. “And let me guess, we’ll order it from Mexico, but make them pay for it?”

Eventually, Fallon imagined, the exchange would end with Trump reminding DeSantis that he used to be “a total brown noser,” to which DeSantis would explain: “That was just pudding on my face!”

You can watch the entire fake exchange in the video above.