Fallon Mocks Trump for Trying to Pay a Bill With a Horse: ‘100 Tell-All Books and Somehow There’s Still More to Tell’ (Video)

Fallon joked that Trump himself might’ve been open to receiving horses as payment for classified documents

Jimmy Fallon found himself genuinely shocked once again by Donald Trump on this week’s “Tonight Show,” after it was revealed that the twice-impeached former president once tried to pay a legal bill with a horse. At this point, Fallon is just bewildered by how consistently wild Trump’s life has been.

According to The Guardian, a new book from New York Times reporter David Enrich, set to release next week, reveals that Trump once attempted to pay off a $2 million legal bill by offering a deed to a horse, which he said was worth $5 million. The book reportedly notes that “once he regained the capacity for speech”, the lawyer “stammered … ‘This isn’t the 1800s. You can’t pay me with a horse.’”

Fallon could barely contain his laughter on the subject as he joked about it in his monologue on Wednesday night.

“That’s how crazy Trump’s life is. There are a hundred tell-all books, and somehow, there’s still more to tell,” he mocked.

The late night host then turned his attention to the foreign nuclear secrets that were revealed to be among the thousands of classified documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago earlier this Summer.

Fallon joked that perhaps Trump himself might’ve been open to receiving horses as payment, after some have suggested that he was planning to sell the information contained in the documents.

“After the news broke, a Fox News host suggested that Trump might’ve been trying to sell the information,” Fallon said. “Trump was like ‘Hypothetically, how many horses do you think that would be worth?’”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.