Fallon Takes a Page From Stormy Daniels to Respond to Big Talk Surrounding Trump Arrest: ‘Get Ready to Be Disappointed’ (Video)

“What a difference a day makes,” Fallon mocked. “He went from ‘Lock her up’ to ‘Lock ME up!'”

2 days past the date twice-impeached former president Donald Trump said he was going to be arrested, the nation is now officially on what social media users and late night hosts have dubbed “Indictment Watch.” But Jimmy Fallon has some advice on getting hyped about anything regarding Trump, thanks to Stormy Daniels.

In case you’ve somehow missed it — or are just trying to keep your investigations into Trump straight, as there are multiple to keep track of — here’s the situation. In 2016, adult film star Stormy Daniels received a payment of $130,000, which both she and former Trump fixer Michael Cohen say was hush money to keep her quiet about an affair she had with Trump.

Though hush money in itself isn’t illegal, it is if Trump used campaign finances to pay the sum, and as such, he could face misdemeanor charges. An indictment was said to be possible as early as Tuesday, before it was announced that the grand jury would actually meet on Wednesday, which then of course, didn’t happen either.

“After all the hype and build-up about Trump, Stormy Daniels was like ‘Spoiler Alert: get ready to be disappointed,’” Fallon joked.

Fallon has taken full advantage of the joke possibilities surrounding Trump’s potential indictment this week, joking on Tuesday that the twice-impeached former president “is not excited about being arrested, fingerprinted or asking for bail. But he is excited to get frisked.”

On Wednesday night, Fallon went one further, citing a report from Page Six that claims Trump is “reveling in being back in the news and the center of attention.”

“What a difference a day makes,” Fallon mocked. “He went from ‘Lock her up’ to ‘Lock ME up!’”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.