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‘FBoy Island’ Contestant Divij Vaswani on How to Spot an ‘FBoy’ and His Hopes of Being the First Indian ‘Bachelor’

”Every person is a ‘FBoy.’ Every person has that quality,“ the reality star says

Tattoos, a Rolex, a nice car and being “too” active on social media. Those are just some of the signs of a “FBoy,” according to self-proclaimed “FBoy,” Divij Vaswani, who was kicked off “FBoy Island” during its second episode.

“FBoy Island,” streaming now on HBO Max, follows three women – Sarah, Nakia and CJ – as they try to find a true love connection on an island of 24 men, half of whom are “Nice Guys,” while the other half are self-proclaimed “FBoys,” trying to hide who they are to get one of the women to fall for them and, ultimately, win the cash prize of $100,000.

“Every person is an ‘FBoy.’ Every person has that quality,” Vaswani said.

As for how else to spot one, there’s just “so many ways.” You can even tell by the way someone talks, according to Vaswani.

“I mean, if someone says ‘broski,’ or ‘bruh,'” Vaswani laughed. “I mean, these phrases are definitely ‘FBoy’ phrases.” He continued: “‘Yessirski,’ ‘bet,’ ‘no cap.'”

Vaswani also called out his fellow contestant Garrett Morosky on his so-called “FBoy” tendencies.

“Garrett is also the perfect example [of an ‘FBoy’],” Vaswani said. “He’s probably the king of all ‘FBoys.’ I think he said something on the show like, ‘I’m going to open up to Sarah, and she’ll open her legs,’ and that’s definitely a ‘FBoy’ phrase.” (Vasawani was close with his recall, but what Morosky actually said In the first episode was: “With girls, when I open up to them, they’re like ‘OK, he’s really willing to be open.’ All I’m doing is to try to let you really open… your legs to me.”)

However, Vaswani thinks everyone has a bit of “FBoy” in them, not just the show’s contestants.

“I think everyone should just embrace their ‘FBoy-ness.’ You only live once; just have fun. Like, what’s the point of getting so serious? That’s where I am with it.”

And he isn’t giving up on reality TV show dating just yet. In fact, Vaswani has hopes of becoming the first Indian “Bachelor.”

“I think I’m going to find the love of my life on TV,” Vaswani said. “I’m trying to be the first Indian ‘Bachelor,’ and I do think I will be, at some point. I’m going to do what I got to do to get there.”

New episodes of “FBoy Island” stream next Thursday on HBO Max.