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‘FBoy Island’ Star Divij Vaswani on How Working with Influencers Like Jake and Logan Paul Prepped Him for the Series

”I wasn’t threatened by any of the guys,“ the reality star says

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the three-episode premiere of “FBoy Island”.

While some might have been intimidated or put off by men who openly (and proudly) refer to themselves as “FBoys,” Divij Vaswani – a self-proclaimed “FBoy” himself – felt right at home, as he facilitates brand partnerships for social media stars and influencers like Jake and Logan Paul, Julia Rose and Mike Majlak, to name a few.

“I work with influencers all day long – these really big personalities – so I wasn’t threatened by any of the other guys because I just know how these kinds of people are,” Vaswani told TheWrap.

“FBoy Island” contestant Divij Vaswani has “always” wanted to be on a reality television series, so after auditioning “about f—ing 12 times” for a variety of different shows, facing a bunch of rejections and then getting through “12 or 13 rounds of auditions” for HBO Max’s “FBoy Island,” he immediately flew out to the Cayman Islands after booking the show, ready to compete.

The reality series, which is airing now, follows three women – Sarah, Nakia and CJ – trying to find a true love connection and in turn, win $100,000. However, joining them on the island are 12 “Nice Guys” and 12 self-proclaimed “FBoys,” – many of whom are club promoters, brand representatives and influencers – who are just in it for the cash prize.

Vaswani was prepared, as he was armed with his (once again, self-proclaimed) narcissism and self-assuredness.

“[Influencers] are very – I mean, I’m narcissistic too – but everyone’s kind of in their own zone, so I didn’t really pay attention to the other guys, to be honest,” Vaswani explained.

Vaswani also came into the show with a strategy, naturally, full of manipulation and deceit.

“My strategy going in was be a nice guy to everybody – just get on everyone’s good side, so all the guys and girls think that I’m this non-threatening, nice guy,” Vaswani said.

Not too bad so far.

“But then my plan was to get manipulative, kind of get snaky, kind of behind everyone’s back, so that was kind of my intention,” Vaswani said. “I was going to come in kind of chill, not too hot, and then I’m going to just f—ing backstab.”


However, the reality star says his plan “went out the window” when he found out about his mom’s lung disease diagnosis. While she’s doing “good” now, he says it put him into a bad mental state during the show.

So, can a “FBoy” change his ways?

“No,” Vaswani said. “Once a ‘FBoy,’ always a ‘FBoy.'”

But, he did make some friends.

“What’s crazy is that I feel like I made my friends for life,” Vaswani said about his fellow cast members. “These are guys that I’m probably gonna know for literally forever because we went through this crazy thing together.”

“I wasn’t trying to be anybody’s friend. I was there for the money, frankly, but obviously that didn’t work out,” Vaswani laughed.

The first three episodes are streaming on HBO Max now, with new episodes coming this Thursday.