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Ferguson Police: 6-Year Veteran Shot Michael Brown (Video)

Authorities say Darren Wilson is the name of officer who shot unarmed African-American teenager

Police in Ferguson, Mo., have released the name of the officer who shot unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown.

The officer was identified as six-year veteran Darren Wilson. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wilson has had “no disciplinary action” taken against him in that time, and that he was treated for injuries that occurred Saturday, the day of the shooting.

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Jackson (pictured) took no questions from reporters as he announced Wilson’s name. He also explained that officers were searching for a suspect in a convenience store robbery at the time that Wilson stopped Brown. What led to the shooting remains unclear.

Police released Wilson’s name in attempt to show that they are investigating the shooting with transparency and good faith. Demands for the officer’s name have been at the center of protests over several nights in the town near St. Louis.

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On Wednesday, officers tear-gassed demonstrators — as well as reporters — and detained more than a dozen people. President Obama was among those who pleaded for calm.

On Thursday, Gov. Jay Nixon announced that the Missouri State Highway Patrol would assume security duties from local police. What followed was a seemingly peaceful night unity, as police mingled with demonstrators. In far-flung cities, too, including New York, demonstrators turned out to peacefully call for justice for Brown.

Missouri officials initially pledged to released the officer’s name earlier this week, but backed down in response to the protests. The hacking collective Anonymous released a name purported to be the officer’s, but Missouri officials said the name was inaccurate.

Watch the video: