Former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel’s Son Accuses Jane Semel of Abuse of Authority

Eric Semel files for temporary conservatorship, says Jane Semel has acted against his father’s wishes in moving him to a care home

Former Yahoo and Warner Bros. chief executive Terry Semel, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, has been placed in a care home against his wishes, according to a new legal filing by his son Eric.

On Wednesday, Eric Semel filed a petition for temporary conservatorship of his father, asserting that Terry Semel’s wife, Jane, has “abused her authority over Terry in taking actions that are in direct contravention with Terry’s stated wishes and best interests.”

Those actions include moving him from his Bel Air home to the Motion Picture Television Fund House (a retirement home for members of the entertainment industry with a specialty care unit for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia), making unilateral changes to his care staff and “seemingly arbitrarily” changing his medication.

The petition includes statements from two of Semel’s caretakers at the home who said he repeatedly asked to return home and grew agitated around strangers and other residents. It also describes his one-bedroom accommodations as “a substantial downgrade from Terry’s accustomed standard of living.”

“[Eric] has asked Jane to make adjustments to Terry’s living situation so that Terry can live in his own home, somewhere closer to his family and friends, but she has refused alternate options,” the filing reads. “Over the years, Jane has terminated a number of Terry’s caregivers for various reasons, which to [Eric] seemed unjustified, such that Terry has only a few remaining stable and continuous caretakers.”

He further says that Jane has blocked caregivers from allowing Semel to receive a epidural shot as treatment for severe back pain.

Eric has requested that the judge appoint the lawyer Andrew M. Wallet as his father’s conservator.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.