Fox Business Renews ‘My Dream Car’ for Season 2 (Exclusive)

The feel-good car series races into a second season

Fox Business Renews My Dream Car Season 2
Fox Business has renewed Danielle Trotta's "My Dream Car" for Season 2. (Fox Corporation)

Fox Business’ sentimental primetime series “My Dream Car,” hosted by Danielle Trotta, has scored a second season renewal, TheWrap has learned. The show, which debuted April 25, tells the story of 10 different families across the United States as their grown children look to find, buy, and refurbish old classic cars as a surprise for their loved ones.

“I’m excited we get to continue the journey, finding more great families with amazing stories and car builders showcasing classic cars that are deserving of a proper restoration,” Trotta said.

As sons and daughters look to give back to their parents , the first season of “My Dream Car” featured an array of classic automobiles including a 1960s Chevelle, 1968 Pontiac Firebird, a 1970 F100 and more. Trotta is hoping a Cadillac might be featured in future episodes to honor her grandfather, who owned a gas station and chauffeur business in the New York City area.

Despite Fox Business’ vote of confidence with the renewal, Trotta is still listening to viewer feedback on social media in order to deliver an even more successful sophomore season.

“Viewers are smart, they know what they like and what they think might be missing or ask questions on the car or the story they want to know more about,” she said. “So, we’ll take in those comments and ultimately all of that information and will make Season 2 better than the first.”

“My Dream Car” delves not only into the touching family stories, but the history of the cars and the ingenuity required for their rebuilds. Trotta sees the automobiles as objects of affection and there’s an important takeaway she hopes viewers get in between all the nuts and bolts.

“I hope our show proves to all generations, but especially young people, that new isn’t always better,” she said. “We live in a society now that says if it’s broke, buy a new one. But there are so many classic cars rotting away that deserve that second chance. It’s a lesson for all of us, I think.”

New episodes of “My Dream Car” air on Fox Business and can be found on the Fox Nation streaming service the next day. The series is produced by Warm Springs Productions.

Trotta originally joined FOX Sports back in 2010 as a reporter for NASCAR Race Hub before transitioning into a host role.