Fox News’ Dana Perino Advises House Republicans Mired in Speaker Stalemate to Hit the Bar: ‘Go Get Drunk’ (Video)

Whether Kevin McCarthy or Kevin Sorbo, “The Five” host urges GOP congressman to get hammered and hammer it out

Fox News anchor Dana Perino has a time-tested idea for House Republicans who can’t seem to decide on a speaker, an approach proved through centuries of trial and error by generations of statesmen.

“The Five” host says they should get hammered and hammer it out.

Perino, speaking Wednesday as a panelist on “The Five,” addressed the latest setback for the Republicans, who earlier in the day were unable to elect a House leader after Kevin McCarthy failed to garner enough votes for a second straight day after a sixth vote.

“Today there was no movement towards Kevin McCarthy. There was a slight movement back,” Perino started out, downplaying the obvious as the show’s hosts often do to humorous effect (whether the laughter is with them or at them is a topic for another time).

“So they’re a little bit at a stalemate. I think the other thing that is happening is that the name-calling is getting ratcheted up within the party,” Perino continued before delivering an encouraging word. “And they are gonna get through this.”

It was unclear who was calling whom what Wednesday, but Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert made perhaps the most eye-opening headlines when she took the dais and implored disgraced former President Donald Trump to set McCarthy straight instead of offering him support.

“There will be a speaker at some point, and then they’re all going to have to work together,” Perino assured her Fox News viewers. “They’re saying a lot of things that are going to be very difficult to forget and hard to forgive. So I think there’s only one solution that they should do tonight, which is … “

But after all that, with Perino poised to slam home her punch line, fellow host Greg Gutfeld stepped in, shouting: “Drunk! Get drunk!”

“Yes!” Perino quickly replied, seemingly not offended Gutfeld stole her thunder. “That everybody needs to go the bar. And it needs to be an open bar, and they need to all get drunk and then have a moment. Because that’s what you do with the team when you’re having a bit of a problem.”

“I’m not saying — look,” Perino said. “Yes, I am saying. Go get drunk.”

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