Fox News’ Dana Perino Brings the House Down on ‘The Five’ With an Inflation Joke: ‘An Inch Matters’

The anchor couldn’t resist revisiting Greg Gutfeld’s take, on President Biden’s “60 Minutes” remarks

When it comes to inflation, the Fox News hosts of “The Five” apparently can have their cake and eat it, too.

On Monday’s show, co-host Greg Gutfeld graced viewers with a long diatribe on President Joe Biden’s “60 Minutes” interview, which he called “exhausting” but “almost brilliant” for its breadth of resulting material.

“Some guy who’s kind of along for the ride, who’s got some opinions about the pandemic and Taiwan and casually just throws them out there and you have to come up and clean up after him,” Gutfeld said of Biden, not long before the usually reserved and collected anchor of the show, Dana Perino, brought the house down with, what else?

A dick joke.

Gutfeld had earlier referenced Biden’s remark in the interview Sunday night on inflation, in which the president said month-to-month inflation was up “just an inch — hardly at all.”

Going back to that then, as she took the show to a commercial, it’s not hard to fathom where Perino went next.

“Well, we have more to come on all of this because,” Perino said, before another co-host, Jesse Watters, interrupted, telling Gutfeld to hold up a chart he earlier used, showing how inflation had indeed gone up an inch.

“It’s just an inch,” Perino said before a smile crept across her face and she gave Gutfeld a sideways glance. “An inch matters.”

Perino then tried to gather herself with a straight face, looking back at the camera.

“Coming up next,” Perino said sternly. But it was too late. The panel would not let it go. And she couldn’t either, bursting into laughter along with her co-hosts.

“Come on!” she said, laughing.

“Oh, yeah!” Gutfeld yelled. “Oh yeah, 5:09 p.m., Sept. 19th! Count it!”

Pointing to herself, now in hysterics — “Ah ha! — Perino acknowledged her joke: “That was funny.”

“God, this show is amazing,” she said, before returning to the prompter and quickly running through the commercial break script.

You can watch the full segment in the video above.