Fox News Asks Former Cartel Trafficker to Make Sense of Biden’s Executive Authority Over Border Crisis: ‘Help Us Understand’ | Video

It was unclear what of Jesse Ocana’s bonafides would have been useful in analyzing the president’s federal powers

Fox News on Wednesday called on a former Mexican drug cartel member of all people to analyze President Joe Biden’s authority to issue executive orders related to the border crisis.

On “America’s Newsroom,” host Bill Hemmer asked Jesse Ocana, who previously dealt cocaine, to comment on Biden’s remarks in which he was asked if he’d done enough to address the immigration issues at the Mexican border.

The network showed a clip of Biden’s answer, in which he said he’d asked judges since Day 1 of his presidential term to give him the Border Patrol and the resources needed to address the situation.

“Jesse, I’m not asking for a political answer on this,” Hemmer said, following the Biden clip from Tuesday. “I just want you to help us understand if that makes sense to you.”

It was unclear what of Ocana’s bonafides could have helped him analyze federal executive authority, and he simply laughed and shook his head.

“Not at all. Nothing’s been done. I don’t care what President Biden says at the moment,” Ocana told Hemmer. “Things are still the same, nothing’s changed. Everything is running the same from the very first day. He has the power to do it. I just don’t understand why he’s not doing it. The drugs, the people, the cartels are coming in. They’re just taking advantage of every situation with the border crossings. You’ve seen the amount of fentanyl that’s been coming across I mean, it’s really gotten big throughout the United States.”

Hemmer had read a separate comment from a different, anonymous cartel member saying that trafficking migrants over the border has become easier, more profitable, less risky and overall more enticing than smuggling cocaine. Ocana called the situation at the southern border predictable.

Hemmer then suggested U.S. officials working with Mexican officials to “take these cartel leaders off the table,” asking Ocana what he thought of that solution.

“It can be done. You’re talking about these cartel people, they have a lot of money, they can buy you. They buy people out,” Ocana said. “And I don’t care if you’re in the government, if you’re a senator, if you’re a big man in government, they can still buy you out, and then they know where you’re at. You don’t know where they’re at. That’s the problem.”

Watch the full Fox News clip at the top of this post.


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