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Geraldo Rivera Shredded for ‘Affirmative Action’ Comments Over Possible Supreme Court Nominee

Fox News correspondent at large compares Biden’s likely nomination of a Black woman to ”affirmative action“

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera came under fire Wednesday and Thursday for his comments that nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court to replace outgoing Justice Stephen Breyer would be “affirmative action.”

While Rivera said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Five” that he thinks Vice President Kamala Harris would be a good choice, he knows that’s “not gonna happen.” Instead, he said, the list likely includes other notable Black women. He referred to a promise President Joe Biden made (while campaigning in 2020) to nominate a Black woman, and shared a list of prospective picks that has been widely reported, including by the New York Times.

He added: “It’s interesting that it’s definitely affirmative action, right? As they are considering the seminal affirmative action case against Harvard and University of North Carolina, so it is ironic. It is ironic, but I’m all for targeted, ‘There is no Black woman on the court. Why not do it?’” (The Supreme Court said Monday it would hear challenges related to admissions policies that factor in race at the two schools.)

After Jesse Watters asked why the president doesn’t nominate a Puerto Rican, Rivera — who himself is of Puerto Rican ancestry — said, “They have one.”

Referring to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Rivera said she is his “favorite” on the court and said, “She makes great rice and beans.” He then conceded he made that up.

Alex Cole, a liberal commentator online, called Fox News “a f—ing sewer” as a result of the comments. Ordinary viewers weighed in, too, tweeting things like, “And I suppose if he nominates a white man that’s the right way to go? Right Geraldo? A Black woman is ‘Affirmative Action’ but a white man is the normal, right choice? F— YOU!!!!!”

Others pointed to the “rice and beans” comment and questioned how Peter Doocy is the network talent branded a “stupid son of a bitch” in light of it. (Biden insulted the White House correspondent earlier this week, apologizing shortly afterward, though Biden’s remark prompted a news cycle of headlines.)

Writer Tara Dublin celebrated the fact that Rivera has had her blocked on Twitter for years, as she does “every time Geraldo trends.” Indeed, he was trending on Twitter Thursday morning.

Even Republicans, like politician Buzz Patterson, asked if Rivera could be let go from the show.