Greg Gutfeld Trolls ’Second Best-Looking Guy on ‘The Five’’ Jesse Watters Over His Book: ‘Who Was Your Ghostwriter?’ | Video

It beat out “The Unabomber, Karl Marx, and ‘The Anarchist’s Cookbook’” on Amazon’s radical political thought list, Fox News’ Gutfeld points out

“The Five” host Jesse Watters has a new book out, and cohost Greg Gutfeld was only too happy to roast, um, interview him about it on the most recent edition of Gutfeld’s self-titled show. He introduced the topic by telling his audience that “the second-best looking guy on ‘The Five’ has a new book out” before he asked Watters, “Who was your ghostwriter?”

As Watters, author of “Get It Together: Troubling Tales from the Liberal Fringe,” leaned his head back in exasperation, Gutfeld continued, “I was actually pleasantly surprised. You did a real book! I mean, you actually interviewed people.”

“Is the bar that low?” Watters inquired. After Gutfeld expressed his surprise that Watters was able to “sit and talk to people for hours,” Watters replied, “Well, I didn’t talk, I listened — something you need to work on.”

“While I should have been preparing for ‘The Five,’ I listened to some of these crazy characters and, thanks for carrying the show for the last couple of years while I was working on the book,” Watters said. When asked how long he worked on the book, Watters replied, “I don’t even remember. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.”

Gutfeld then pointed out that the book “beat out the Unabomber and Karl Marx and ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’” as the top-ranked book in “radical political thought” on Amazon, to which Watters was quick to reply, “OK, Greg, I’m not the radical political thinker. It was the radicals in the book who I interviewed. Do you understand how they do the rankings?”

The pair continued to trade insults before they moved on to the subjects in Watters’ book. After making several offensive and off-color comments about the diverse people who Watters attacks in the book, Gutfeld wrapped up the show and told Watters, “Good luck with whatever you’re doing.”

Watch the latest jabs between Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters in their long-running playful feud and see them further discuss Watters’ book in the video above.


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