Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Cuts Off Guest Linking GOP to Buffalo Shooter: ‘We’re Gonna Let Them Adjudicate That’ (Video)

Faulkner made sure her guest’s points went largely unaddressed

Democratic strategist Kristal Knight, appearing Thursday on Fox News, took the chance to bring up the network’s role in the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, through its coverage of “Great Replacement Theory.”

Harris Faulkner, who hosts “The Faulkner Focus” asked Knight for her thoughts on Elon Musk’s tweet saying he can no longer vote Democrat because they are “the party of division and hate.” 

“I think it’s interesting that Elon Musk thinks that the Democratic Party is the party of hate, when the Republican Party produced a failed insurrection on January 6,” Knight responded. “This is also the party that you know has supported the big lie. We also see that Greg Locke down in Tennessee has been preaching the anti-democratic rhetoric in the name of religion, because he doesn’t like Democrats.”

Then Knight took the gloves off.

“We also have to remember the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ that has been spewed on this network alone,” Knight said. “And the Buffalo shooter referenced it. These are our remnants of the Republican party. That’s the party of hate.”

Faulkner quickly took the reins of the conversation, providing a small segue into Charlie Hurt’s time.

“We’re gonna let them adjudicate that case without us commenting on it,” Faulkner replied. “And you can have your opinion about whatever it is, I’m gonna go to Charlie for rebuttal.”

“I just think the idea of taking a horrible, horrible, unthinkable tragedy like what we saw in Buffalo, New York and trying to advance a partisan political agenda off of it is just beyond reprehensible to me,” Hurt said.

After Hurt’s words, Faulkner closed the topic of discussion.

“That’ll take care of all of what you said, Kristal,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” Knight said. “But thanks for having me.”

Fox News, and Tucker Carlson specifically, have been under scrutiny as a result of the 180-page screed left behind by the Buffalo shooter, which cites “The Great Replacement” theory as well as other racist, white supremacist source material. 

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Faulkner segment.

Watch the segment in full here or at the top of this story.