Fox News’ John Roberts Says Biden’s War Speech Was ‘Glaringly Missing’ the One Thing ‘Everybody in This Nation Wants to Hear’

“Where was the Ronald Reagan moment? Where was the Kennedy moment?” the “America Reports” anchor asks

President Joe Biden’s primetime speech on the global conflicts now brewing on multiple fronts was highly praised in politically friendly circles, but Fox News host John Roberts says it didn’t even rise to the standards of George W. Bush – because of a key missing element.

Roberts, the co-anchor of “America Reports” on Fox, has been reporting on the Israel/Hamas war from Jerusalem. He joined “Special Report With Bret Baier” via videolink on Thursday night to analyze Biden’s national address, which shows like MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” wound up praising “because he was standing four-square behind Israel.”

Roberts agreed that Biden “wants to give [Israel] what they need to be strong. And what they need more than anything is replenishing the Iron Dome system.”

But the ultimate enemy isn’t Hamas, Roberts said – and that was left unsaid.

“If Hezbollah gets in this fight it will rain missiles down and the only thing that will save Israel is a fully-supplied Iron Dome. The reason why this entire region is a tinder box is because of one nation – Iran. It’s not because of Vladimir Putin. It’s because of Iran.”

Roberts said unlike historic crisis-point presidential speeches – Reagan saying “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” or even Bush’s “they will be hearing from us” after 9/11 – the Biden address failed to directly confront the adversary.

“Where was the Ronald Reagan moment? Where was the Kennedy moment? Where was even the George Bush moment – to fire a warning shot across Iran’s bow, and not just say ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t,’ but ‘Stay out of this – if you don’t there will be consequences.’”

Roberts called the omission “glaringly missing from this speech.”

“That’s the one thing that everybody in this nation wants to hear. Is this president being very strong about Iran which is fully funding these subsidiary proxies which are creating this mess here in Israel.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


2 responses to “Fox News’ John Roberts Says Biden’s War Speech Was ‘Glaringly Missing’ the One Thing ‘Everybody in This Nation Wants to Hear’”

  1. Mae Vangelakos Avatar
    Mae Vangelakos

    My boiling point came when Bret Baier and his favorite panel person, Brit Hume, attacked Jim Jordan because he doen’t wear a jacket. I usually listen when Jim Jordan talks but I am likely to dose when Hume mumbles. Of the three of them, I would prefer to hear from Jim Jordan . . . any day . . . any time. I find it much more pleasant than Hume’s history. He thrives on history but has limited input on current eve

  2. Bubba Avatar

    This administration is a joke and has brought the US down to equal a third world country.  We are one big corrupt nation.  No one or no leader will take us seriously.

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