‘Morning Joe’ Praises ‘Comforter in Chief’ Joe Biden for Primetime Speech on Israel: ‘Understands the Assignment’

Biden was “part teacher, part influencer and trying to spread the word of democracy,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” only had good things to say about President Joe Biden’s primetime address urging support for both Israel and Ukraine. 

After playing a segment from Biden’s speech, co-host Mika Brzezinski said it was “really effective.” Biden was “part teacher, part influencer and trying to spread the word of democracy,” Brzezinski continued. 

“Part comforter,” co-host Joe Scarborough added. 

Scarborough noted that Biden’s speeches can be relatively unpredictable, “you never know what to expect.”

However, the co-host said “Last night was a significant speech. This was a speech that was delivered on the heels of China and Russia’s leaders getting together. Russia’s Foreign Minister and Kim Jong Un getting together, or Iran and Hamas coming together.”

“There is an axis of anti-American forces out there that are coming together that want to recreate the world and their own tyrannical image,” Scarborough said. “And against that backdrop, Joe Biden gave a historic speech last night it was a speech that talked about America’s role in the world at the time that a lot of Republicans on the far right and a lot of Democrats on the far left, want to retreat.” 

“Joe Biden’s not for retreating,” Scarborough said. 

The co-host said that Biden was also “comforter in chief.”

“I thought it was very moving on he said if you are hurting out there, whether you are Jewish or Muslim, I hear you. You are part of our family. You are an American. So those are incredibly important things to say,” Scarborough said. 

Ultimately for Scarborough, this praise came as a surprise, “and it surprised some people who aren’t Joe Biden fans.”

“Brit Hume called it at points remarkable and said it was the by far it was a critically important speech and the best speech of the President’s career,” Scarborough added. 

Willie Geist said that Biden has had “absolute clarity on this issue since the war.”

“So it was it was a pretty extraordinary speech that I would say in a string of extraordinary moments that this President has had in the last two weeks,” Geist continued. 

“He’s very much in the moment and understands the assignment clearly, from his decades of experience and mistakes made in foreign policy over time that it’s brought him to this place where he truly understands the mission here,” Brzezinski said. 


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