‘Frasier’ Reboot Debuts to 2.2 Million Viewers During Tuesday CBS Premiere

Since its Thursday launch, the Paramount+ show ranked as the No. 1 original comedy premiere on the streamer

From top, left to right: Nicholas Lyndhurst, director James Burrows, Anders Keith, Jess Salgueiro, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Cutmore-Scott and Toks Olagundoye on the set of Frasier
From top, left to right: Nicholas Lyndhurst, director James Burrows, Anders Keith, Jess Salgueiro, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Cutmore-Scott and Toks Olagundoye on the set of Frasier, (Chris Haston/Paramount+)

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Paramount+’s reboot of “Frasier” debuted to an average of 2.23 million viewers during the premiere of its first two episodes on CBS.

As viewers tuned in to watch Kelsey Grammer reprise his role from the original series as Frasier Crane, the premiere episode, which launched at 9:15 p.m. on CBS following the Tuesday airing of “Big Brother,” drew in 2.11 million total viewers and scored a 0.19 rating in the key 18-49 broadcast demo, according to Nielsen live-plus-same-day figures. The second episode of the new series, which began at approximately 9:53 p.m., saw slightly higher numbers as it brought in 2.35 million viewers and a 0.21 rating.

While the “Frasier” reboot is a Paramount+ original, CBS aired a special broadcast of the first two episodes on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Subsequent episodes of the 10-episode season will stream exclusively on Paramount+, with new episodes dropping on Thursdays.

Since the show’s launch on Paramount+ on Thursday, “Frasier” ranked as the No. 1 original comedy premiere in terms of reach, according to the streamer, as well as the No.1 title in the U.S. and Paramount+’s international markets, when it comes to subscriber reach, since its debut.

Prior to the launch of “Frasier,” the new episode of “Big Brother” scored CBS’ highest viewership and rating of the night with 3.13 million viewers and a 0.48 rating. After the second episode of “Frasier” wrapped up, “FBI True” closed out the night at 10:28 p.m. with 1.41 million viewers and a 0.16 rating score. The network’s lineup averaged 2.46 million viewers and averaged a 0.31 rating — making it both the third most-watched and third highest-rated network of the night across the major broadcasters.

Elsewhere, ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” scored the highest rating of the night with a 0.58 score in the demo, while NBC’s “The Voice” locked down the highest viewership of the night with 5.91 million total viewers.


54 responses to “‘Frasier’ Reboot Debuts to 2.2 Million Viewers During Tuesday CBS Premiere”

  1. Becca Hill Avatar
    Becca Hill

    Love the Frasier reboot 😍 Wasn’t sure if they could do it again but… they did!! 

    1. Nina Marino Avatar
      Nina Marino

      I loved Frasier’s new life. I watched the premiere twice and that helped me feel more connected to the new cast who are now Frasier’s new family. Very touching when Freddy talked about Martin coming to comfort him when his friend died. I hope people give the new show a chance.

  2. Kendra Avatar

    Hi iv watched Frasier since orginal began and I love the new Frasier just as much ..way to go Kelsey Cramer still a hard core fan ☺. But am not a streamer pleading please continue to air Frasier reboot on CBS. Do it for all your orginal fans that have been long term supporters/fans. “I’m listening” lol 🙏🙏😊

    1. Norah Avatar

      Absolutely, I agree with the viewer 110 %. Loved the new Frazier reboot on CBS!            
      💕Baby boomer 💕

      1. Emily Avatar

        I also agree that the new Frasier is great, and I do not stream. Please keep it on CBS permanently.

  3. Kendra Avatar

    Hi iv watched Frasier since orginal began and I love the new Frasier just as much ..way to go Kelsey Gramer still a hard core fan ☺. But am not a streamer pleading please continue to air Frasier reboot on CBS. Do it for all your orginal fans that have been long term supporters/fans. “I’m listening” lol 🙏🙏😊

  4. Patty Avatar

    Welcome back Dr. Frasier Crane!!!! I waited a long time hoping for a return of the show and absolutely loved it. I had hoped more of the original cast would return but I’m still happy to see it’s return. The very touching tribute to John Mahoney at the end was bittersweet!!

    1. La Rae Williams Avatar
      La Rae Williams

      LOVED this Reboot, and more eclectic Cast. HATE that CBS is only Streaming it. I’ve never Streamed ANYTHING, but did NAME MY DAUGHTER “Kelsea” after Grammer. Both my Mom and I are Huge Fans and have #FingersCrossed that CBS will understand how much this show is meant for Network TV- and the Loyal OG Viewers of Frasier.
      GREAT Tribute to John Mahoney, we Love and Miss him…

    2. Mandy Snell Avatar
      Mandy Snell

      PLEASE…. keep Frasier on CBS !! Some of us cannot stream….

  5. Janice L. Perry Avatar
    Janice L. Perry

    Enjoyed the new Frasier. I didn’t think I would without John Mahoney, Eddie, Niles and Daphney.

  6. Joan Eklund Avatar
    Joan Eklund

    Love, love, loved it. For a premier episode it had a fluidity that most first broadcasts can’t achieve. The cast already feels comfortable with each other and their individual characters. The writing was on par with the original.

    Please air it on broadcast- I don’t stream.

  7. Michael Ross Avatar
    Michael Ross

    Love The Frasier Reboot Please Keep Showing The Show On CBS …

  8. Joe G Avatar
    Joe G

    Great start to a favorite show from back when! Keep up the laughs and fun Frasier!

    1. JT Avatar

      I’ve seen all three of the first episodes streaming on Paramount+ so far. It’s pretty good all-in-all, and I think the critics have generally been too harsh and strangely unfair to it. But there ARE some cringeworthy elements. The young actor who plays the character of Niles’ son David should probably be written out of the show. He tries too hard and fails. He’s over-the-top and not funny. He is ruining the show. Cringeworthy. And a bit of the writing has been cringeworthy too, like the 3rd episode in his classroom. Over-the-top and not funny. It could have and should have been done differently and better. And there is David again, ruining everything. But Frasiers old English professor friend and colleague works really well. There we see and hear that trademark Frasier show subtle, sophisticated humor. The Freddie character has been pretty good, and Eve is OK, but the younger actors need to come up to Frasier show expectations re sophisticated comedy.

  9. Steve S Avatar
    Steve S

    Please run on CBS.  Loved it.   Update the sets a little more high class.  Especially his apartment.

  10. C Branch Avatar
    C Branch

    Totally agree with everyone. Well done once again. Just a fun show. Would be great to have some of the characters from the original Frazier show up. BUT it needs to run on regular TV, not streaming.
    Afraid they might lose fans.

    1. Nina Marino Avatar
      Nina Marino

      I loved Frasier’s new life. I watched the premiere twice and that helped me feel more connected to the new cast who are now Frasier’s new family. Very touching when Freddy talked about Martin coming to comfort him when his friend died. I hope people give the new show a chance.

  11. Camille H Avatar
    Camille H

    Damn, I missed it, will need to watch next week 

    1. Peter Avatar

      You’ll have to watch it on Paramount+. Only the first two episodes were on regular tv, to get people hooked so they sign up to watch the whole season. That’s what I’m doing. I can reach as much as I like.

  12. Greg Avatar

    I was so happy to feel and experience the return of Frasier. Though the original cast does not appear, I am secure knowing that the new characters, the new Cranes embody the feel, style, and nuances based om family ties and genes. Each new character feels the voids and creates a homecoming allows me to want more. Who may show up? I may not know, but in theory, they are already there waiting to walk in.

  13. Rob Avatar

    I don’t understand why critics gave this show such horrible reviews. I LOVED it. I told by friends about it and watched it with them. told my parents and watched it with them. Yes, i did watch the 1st 2 eposodes 3 times. Was great to see them all sink into the cough and get lost in Fraiser’s quick whit, sarcasm, and stories. The Mama Mia sceen in eposide 2 was brilliant.

    1. Karen Avatar

      Ditto, this is Frasier twenty years later in a different city, trying to reconnect with his son. His life in Seattle was then this is now. You can’t go home again. I just watched episode 3 and it’s pretty funny, I really am enjoying this reboot, and I didn’t think I would. However it needs a few tweaks, they need to work on the character “David” make him more like “Niles” nervous, pompous etc. not such a buffoon. I think once critics and viewers can get past the previous characters in Seattle and move on to an older Frasier in a new city with new people, maybe they’ll give it a chance. 

    2. M Avatar

      I worried the critics’ comments would doom the show!  Glad to see other people on here love the show as much as me.  Whew!  Your comment is spot on!

    3. Farmer_Ted Avatar

      I think a lot of the negative reviews have been because it sucks.

  14. M&J Tehomilic Avatar
    M&J Tehomilic

    My hubby and I have been fans of Frasier since day one at “CHEERS”, thru his move back home to Seattle. Those transitions for the character worked and so did this one….everyones’ lives change over time and we learn to adapt. This transition had us laughing and smiling for the entire time so as far as we are concerned it was WONDERFUL!! Thank you for the sorely needed laughs, smiles and smart dialog while bringing all the past characters forward!! So many great moments!!

  15. Debbie Avatar

    I Love it, too! But, still miss the originals. I laughed out loud on every episode of the original….not so much on this reboot….UNTIL the Mama Mia scene! What a hoot! The very end, with Mahoney made me cry BIG TIME. Thank you for that…and for making sure his spirit was present in every scene of this reboot. I DO believe it would add to it, if the characters in Cheers were ar least mentioned (maybe where they are now). OR a surprise visit from some of them. After all, some of them showed up on Frazier…and he IS back in Boston. Seems a missing piece.

  16. M Avatar

    I love the new Frasier reboot.  With the world in constant flux, it’s a great feeling to know Frasier is consistent!  It’s just a really “comfy” show, for lack of a better term.  Well done!

  17. David Scot Oberhofer Avatar
    David Scot Oberhofer

    Would love to see a visit from Sam, or Woody!

    1. AlexH Avatar

      I’d love Frasier to visit the Cheers bar and be disappointed. Everyone’s changed and he goes into one of his morose moods, thinking that he was wrong to go back. Then in walks a tubby man, everyone shouts “Norm!” and he plonks himself down next to Frasier. Suddenly everything is good in the world.

      1. Clyde Kramer Avatar
        Clyde Kramer

        Very nice idea. Id look forward to that episode. 

  18. Shela heesch Avatar
    Shela heesch

    Please run on cbs. Or a lit of fans dont stream and they should be able to watch. I hope niles stops by eventually. Great show. People need to stop listening to”critics”

  19. Dan Avatar

    I loved it and I hope that success will last and cause producers to start doing more than 10 episodes per season.

  20. Allison Avatar

    I loved the show!  Never missed the one of the old shows….also cheers!  So just keep on going..Frazier Crane!  Pay no attention to those Critics…who needs them anyway!

  21. Cindy Avatar

    Have always loved Frazier and this was no disappointment! Great cast …. Please CBS you have many many devoted viewers that do not stream but would definitely tune in for this breath of fresh air! ( compared to other sitcom’s it’s 100% better)

  22. Ginger Avatar

    Loved the first two episodes. Wondering what happened to Marty Crane’s wife, Roni and if she may guest appear on the new show. I really liked her. Marty and her were crazy about each other.

  23. Debra Avatar

    Unfortunately certain people in my house INSIST on watching the Frazier reboot over again. It’s HORRIBLE. I thought it would be better than it is, however it’s worse than I thought. I’m not a fan of rebooted shows. I have episode 1 a chance. I’ve now left the room. It’s everything but a must see. Hopefully the show is cancelled before long.

    1. JT Avatar

      You sound like one of the critics, Debrah. I think its OK and most of the criticism unfair, but it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. Grammer and the older Englishman alone make it worthwhile. The kid playing David must go. I hope the show is renewed and changes are made to improve it.

    2. Dawn Tasch Avatar
      Dawn Tasch

      I do not agree. Give it a chance to develop. I thought it was an awesome start.

    3. Ironsheep Avatar

      Were you a Frasier fan during the original??

  24. Diana Scrimger Avatar
    Diana Scrimger

    We wish that it is Frasier’s dream. That his son is still going to Harvard but part time and he is working. That he still remembers his father but does not tell us how he died.

  25. Dawn Tasch Avatar
    Dawn Tasch

    I am a 54 year old female. I have watched Frazier since the beginning original show. My mother and I also used to watch Cheers. It was my mother’s favorite show. I was so happy to watch the new reboot and I thought it was amazing. I can’t wait to see the show develop. And get even more funny and deep. I love it !!!! Made me feel happy again. There are not too many funny heartwarming sit coms today. Please please please air the show on regular tv. Maybe Sam from cheers can make a cameo. And Maybe Freddy can get a dog. A decendant of Eddy. Would be so cute and funny for Frazier to have to deal with another pup. Ha Dawn from Philadelphia

  26. Mark Niles Avatar
    Mark Niles

    First and last I’ll watch

    1. John Avatar

      Agree. Horribly predictable. Without style and charm. Relies on 80s/90s set-up/punch rather than character-driven comedy (like Mash, Cheers, and MTM).

  27. Sue Avatar

    I loved the first two episodes and would love to see more but I do not stream, don’t even know what that entails.  Loved Cheers, loved Fraiser just as much if not more and loved the reboot, but unless CBS picks it up permanently, I won’t be able to enjoy it and have much needed laughs 🥲

  28. Virginia Light Avatar

    The new Frasier is off to a great start! The younger characters and Frasier’s Harvard teaching position have provided a fresh set of issues. I can’t wait to watch more episodes because I know that this show will improve even more as the series hits its stride.

  29. Tom Hanks Avatar
    Tom Hanks

    Episode 4 is my favorite so far. When Denzel Washington spanked Fraiser with a tennis racket, and called him “Lunchbox” I recognized the genius of the show…

  30. Scott St Pierre Avatar
    Scott St Pierre

    Maybe it’s the nostalgia, but I wasn’t a regular watcher of the original Frasier, and I am loving the reboot. The critics are being way too harsh.

  31. Kelly Schaffer Avatar
    Kelly Schaffer

    I absolutely love Frasier!!!! I am so glad the show is back on. I think the new cast is going to be just fine. I think the critics are crazy. Give everyone one a chance to get use to each other. I hope it does well and season two has more than 10 episodes as well.  Thank you so much Kelsey Grammer for bringing your talents back with new friends!!!! I have watched your original show over and over again and there’s always a sadness when I get to the last episode.  I hope this goes on and on for a very long time.  Thanks for all the comfort!!!!

  32. Jean Avatar

    My favorite show. Did not miss 1 episode of the 1st time around. My favorite was when Niles danced with Daphney. Also when Niles was ironing it was hilarious. Even have their cookbook. I have been really looking forward to this show returning. But I don’t stream. Really wish it could stay on CBS. Please!!!!!!! I really love this show.

  33. Skye Avatar

    The amount of positive regard this reboot is getting is alarming, lol. I’ve watched the original (and in my eyes, the ONLY) Frasier I think 11 or 12 times in total. It’s my favorite show of all time and I am a die-hard fan. 

    This terrible reboot is just a shell of the original, trying so desperately to be what Frasier was. The writing, the acting, it’s all garbage. I kept telling my husband, who agreed with me, that Dr. Crane felt like a stranger in the reboot. If all that wasn’t bad enough, the set is so cliche of modern sitcoms and it totally weighs the show even further down. 

    I hope it gets canceled and that it will not tarnish the reputation of such a beloved character. The reboot devastated me, as it felt like they were just hopping on the bandwagon of all the other shows being rebooted because no one can come up with anything original anymore. 

    1. Frederick Carter Avatar
      Frederick Carter

      I agree with you and the critics are right it is obvious this reboot is a bad clone of itself.  Trying to duplicate aspects and not tell a different story. 

  34. Stu Avatar

    I have to say… I havent missed an episode and yes “David” is a buffoon however there alway has to be the red headed stepchild in every sitcom. I will be giving him a chance (even though he poured out the precious dirt). I think lillith will be showing up later in the series. Not sure about woody or sam but it would be funny to have lillith walk in on an innocent exchange with Dianne ( thats if the actress is still alive) being at Frasiers apt when she first walks on set.

  35. Phil Avatar

    While I do miss Niles and Daphne, (and it’s just not quite the same without them) I have to say, the show and the comedy is still well written. I’ve found myself laughing every week. I have hopes maybe DHP will change his mind for the following season, but in the mean time, the show is still quite enjoyable. 

  36. Sean Collins Avatar
    Sean Collins

    I Hate Frasier Crane, to borrow a phrase from the original series. I have watched the first 6 episodes of the latest Frasier, and I agree with the critics who slammed the first 5. I have hung in there long enough, hoping that the characters would grow on me and that the series would develop into something worth watching. But it just gets worse. To take Episode 6 as an example. Frasier has 2 women interested in him, but manages to blow his chances with both. How many times did the same thing happen in the original Frasier? I was hoping for some original storylines. Anyone interested in this would be better off watching old episodes of the original.

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