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FXX Aims for Record Books With 12-Day ‘Simpsons’ Marathon

Three people in Las Vegas hold the record for most consecutive hours of watching TV. Now’s your chance to leave them in the dust

Hurry to the couch, America: FXX plans to celebrate becoming the cable home of “The Simpsons” by airing the show for 12 consecutive days in August.

The marathon will kick off FXX, the new spinoff of FX, airing “Simpsons” episodes regularly. FX CEO John Landgraf said the network is also working on a state-of-the-art “Simpsons” app.

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Landgraf told reporters Wednesday the network is aiming for the record books with the marathon. But hours of research (read: several minutes of Googling) by TheWrap turned up nothing on the current record for airing one show continuously.

The honor may belong to AMC, which last year aired a marathon of every “Breaking Bad” episode. Or it may belong to TNT, which has aired “Law & Order” continuously since 1999. (Not really. But we’d watch that.)

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One record we did find: The longest consecutive TV-watching session was 87 hours and was “achieved,” to use the interesting word choice of the Guinness World Records, on January 6-10 of this year. The record was set at the TiVo Inc. booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by Dan Jordan, Spencer Larson and Chris Laughlin.

FXX won a bidding war in November to the off-network rights to “The Simpsons,” which has aired on its broadcast cousin, Fox, since 1989.┬áThe deal, the biggest ever of its kind, gave FXX the right to more than 500 episodes of the series.

“The Simpsons” already holds the record as TV’s longest-running primetime show, a record unlikely to ever be surpassed.