FX Removing Some ‘Strain’ Billboards That Revolted People

FX will take down a few of the billboards, featuring a worm crawling through an eyeball

The Strain billboard

FX is taking down a few billboards for “The Strain” that are grossing people out.

As TheWrap reported Friday morning, many have taken to Twitter to say — in strong language — how much they hate the billboards, which show a worm going into an eye. An FX spokesman told TheWrap that a few but not all of the billboards will come down. He could not say where or how many would be removed.

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“We are in the process of replacing the key art for ‘The Strain’ on outdoor media in several locations,” the spokesman told TheWrap.

Good job, people cursing on the internet. Your work is somewhat done.

Billboard companies have turned FX down before — including rejecting an image of “The Shield” icon Vic Mackey menacingly holding a gun. But this one passed muster — even if parents didn’t all approve.

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“Hey, ‘The Strain’ billboards: f– you! People have little kids in this city who don’t want to be scared out of their goddamn minds!” wrote “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” director and “The Muppets” writer Nicholas Stoller on Twitter, speaking for many.

Perhaps a few kids will sleep easier now.