‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series Being Developed at Paramount+

Paramount+ is the latest streaming service to tease fans with a possible spin-off of the cult classic

DreamWorks Pictures

“Galaxy Quest” is coming to television. According to Variety, Paramount+ and Paramount Television Studios are in the early stages of adapting the cult classic film.

A source close to the discussions told TheWrap that the project is in very early stages of development with Mark Johnson, who produced the original film, currently attached as an executive producer on the series.

Paramount Television Studios declined to comment.

This isn’t the first time a streamer has eyed a “Galaxy Quest” series. In 2015, Paramount Television along with the film’s director, Dean Parisot; one of its co-writers, Robert Gordon; and its executive producers Johnson and Melissa Bernstein announced that they were looking for find a home for a TV adaptation. Amazon Prime Video grabbed the project that same year, but it was thrown into chaos following Alan Rickman’s death, who starred in the original movie. The series was then picked up again in 2017 with Paul Scheer attached to write. But it was once again thrown into development hell in following the departure of Amy Powell as president of Paramount Television.

Since then reports of a “Galaxy Quest” sequel or spinoff have emerged from time to time without any concrete projects emerging. The most recent of these resurgences happened in 2021 when Allen revealed conversations were happening about a possible sequel. “It’s a fabulous script,” Allen told EW.

First released in 1999, the original “Galaxy Quest” debuted to critical praise and modest box office numbers. But over the years it developed a cult following. Directed by Dean Parisot and written by David Howard and Robert Gordon, the film centers around the cast of a fictional sci-f TV series known as “Galaxy Quest.” When a group of aliens mistakenly believe that their show is actually a documentary, they’re pulled into a real interstellar conflict.

A tongue-in-cheek mockery of beloved sci-fi series like “Star Trek,” “Galaxy Quest” was quickly embraced by fans of the genre. It won both the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation as well as the Nebula Award for Best Script and was also nominated for 10 Saturn Awards.

But as the decades have passed, the film has been best remembered for its strong cast. The spoof featured a mix of beloved comedians of its time, like Tim Allen and Tony Shalhoub, and genre heroes, like Sigourney Weaver. It also included an array of beloved dramatic actors, including the late Rickman, Sam Rockwell and Daryl Mitchell, whose performances added an air of legitimacy to the show within the movie. At the moment it’s unknown if any surviving members of the cast are expected to return for the Paramount+ series.

If the series were to happen, it would find a natural home on Paramount+. Currently, the streaming service is home to all iterations of “Star Trek,” including its own in-universe spinoffs such as “Discovery,” “Picard,” and “Lower Decks.”