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Clue to Jon Snow’s Secret Parentage? ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Looks Like George RR Martin

The real Prince That Was Promised

Before you fall into a fan theory wormhole, just know: This could mean many things.

Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick pointed out on Twitter this week that “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin looked a lot like show star Kit Harington when he was younger.

And it’s freaking everyone out.



This isn’t the first time that Martin has blown the minds of everyone on the internet with pictures of his younger self. And just like now, people drew comparisons to Harington. Only difference is that most photos we’ve seen of the author have been from later years.

Now, this could mean a lot for Harington’s casting as surprise main character — and possibly most important person in the “Song of Ice and Fire” universe — Jon Snow. Maybe he was cast because he reminded Martin of somebody he used to know when he was younger.

Maybe, in line with the magic in the books, Martin warged into young Harington at some point in order to live out his own self-insert hero adventure. (“Warged” is “GoT” speak for the psychic ability to perceive future and past events in dreams.)

And considering Jon Snow’s mysterious parentage throughout most of the books and series, maybe (spoiler) Rhaegar Targaryen isn’t his father after all. Maybe that’s been a red herring and it’s been Martin this whole time, turning “A Song of Ice and Fire” into a Stephen King-esque meta-narrative.

It also could just be a coincidence. But things in “Game of Thrones” don’t just happen because of coincidence. Usually there’s a prophecy involved. And maybe Martin was the Prince That Was Promised all along.