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Gary Goddard Files Declaration Demanding Dismissal in Anonymous Sexual Abuse Case

Filing comes a week after director Bryan Singer was dropped as a defendant in the same lawsuit

Former Disney executive Gary Goddard has filed a declaration with the U.S District Court for the Central District of California asking that his motion to dismiss in the anonymous sex abuse trial be granted. In the legal documents, he cited that alleged consensual sex with a 16-year-old does not violate U.S. law when it takes place outside of the United States.

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It is particularly inappropriate as the alleged sexual act took place in England, where 16 is the age of consent. The declaration cites several examples of precedence where it was established that in order to violate U.S. law, said act must take place on sovereign U.S. land, or at the least also be illegal where it took place.

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Further, Goddard’s declaration takes issue with the public smearing of Goddard’s reputation, while the plaintiff chooses to “hide behind his ‘Doe 1`17’ designation, thereby putting all the media focus onto Mr. Goddard, no matter how damaging it may be.” The suit alleges that he should not be allowed to litigate anonymously, and therefore his complaint should be dismissed.

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Throughout the legal filing, Goddard’s legal team continued to insist that the alleged acts did not occur, while at the same time breaking down in detail what they see as the fundamental failure of the anonymous plaintiff’s original lawsuit.

In an accompanying document, Paul E. Gaspari, one of the attorneys representing Goddard, again took issue with the plaintiff’s anonymous filing. He states that a public identity is essential to mounting a defense, citing as an example the similar case filed against Goddard by Michael Egan. In that case, Gaspari noted that a witness came forward with evidence that led to Egan’s voluntary dismissal of the suit.

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These latest court filings come a week after “X-Men” director Bryan Singer was dropped  from this same lawsuit as a defendant following his own motion to dismiss.

Goddard is represented by Gaspari, Daniel C. Zamora and Shauna N. Correia of Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin Law Corporation.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.