Gene Simmons Loses Battle With Gravity in Concert (Video)

KISS rocker takes a tumble while performing in Montana

For all those who feel that Gene Simmons has seemed a bit unbalanced lately, here’s some video proof.

The KISS bassist and singer took a nasty, makeup-caked tumble onstage over the weekend, temporarily transforming from the God of Thunder into the God of Blunder.

The spill appeared to happen as Simmons backed up and tripped over a riser, sending him plummeting backward to the stage.

According to the video description, the stage mishap occurred during the group’s performance Saturday at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse in Bozeman, Montana.

Luckily, the rocker recovered and will live to spit blood another day.

The group is currently on its Freedom to Rock tour, which continues through Sept. 10.

Watch Simmons trip out on stage in the video below.