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‘George Carlin’ Bank-Run Rant by ChatGPT Sets Off Kelly Carlin: ‘I Wish He Were Here to Rip AI’

”My dad chose his words so very carefully … Now we have this s—,“ Carlin’s daughter said

If the world could use George Carlin’s take on just one new thing since his passing, AI might be it.

When NBC News reporter Ben Collins asked ChatGPT to write a George Carlin monologue about bank runs, well folks – the hamfisted result caused Kelly Carlin, daughter of the late, great comedian, to have a severe allergic reaction.

“My dad chose his words so very carefully to express his innovative & mind,” the radio host, producer and actress tweeted Sunday. “He dedicated his life to it. Now we have this shit. I wish he were here to rip AI a (new) asshole.

The AI-generated monologue is, to be sure, clunky and inelegant; subtle humor is not ChatGPT’s core competency. But give the machine Carlin its due: the rant identifies a societal villain, savages it in the withering white hot light of truth, and proposes a populist revolution to push back.

It may be AI crap, but it’s credibly Carlinian AI crap. Not be the most excellent Rufus-in-a-telephone-booth encounter we still hope to have someday, but we’re getting closer.