George Clooney Disses Trump, Remembers Him Asking ‘Which Cocktail Waitress Was Single’: ‘That’s Who He Was’ (Video)

Actor admits to Chris Wallace that he does “worry” about Trump returning to the White House in 2024.

George Clooney said he finds it “scary” that Donald Trump could be elected president again in 2024, and claimed that he witnessed firsthand the former president’s unsavory behavior around the time of his “Apprentice” popularity.

“I didn’t think people would vote [in 2016] for someone who was so deeply flawed,” Clooney told Chris Wallace on his HBO Max talk show. “[Trump] was the guy that came to the bars and asked me about which cocktail waitress was single, you know, that’s who he was.”

When asked by Wallace if he was asked such questions by Trump in the ’90s, Clooney said that it happened in the 2000s.

“There’s this part of you that just goes, well, that guy shouldn’t be president, but I was wrong. And he was and our democracy, I believe, paid a price certainly around the world. And I worry about the possibility [of his re-election.] I don’t think it’s as good as some people are afraid, but I do worry about it,” he said.

Clooney lamented the “coarsening of America,” calling out how “everyone jumps up and down and cheers when somebody’s owned” and how that has seeped into actual politics, like the transfer of migrants to blue states by Republican governors.

“’Let’s send them without any warning, you know, because it’s fun to own the liberals. We’ll send them to Martha’s Vineyard, you know, where Obama’s people [are] and we’ll send them to the Vice President’s house with no warning, no health, no, nothing,’” he said, mocking some conservatives’ talking points. “So I look at where we are in this sort of coarsening of our discourse, and I find it to be worrying.”

Clooney said such worries about politics and other matters were a reason why he chose to return to making romantic comedies with “Ticket to Paradise,” a film that reunites him with “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star Julia Roberts as a divorced couple who travel to Bali to try to stop their daughter’s wedding.

“I got sent the script and, you know, we’ve had a lot of dark things going on in the world. And I always feel that films try to reflect that often. They’re usually late because it takes a couple of years to make a film,” Clooney said. “It felt like we all needed a break. I needed a break. I needed it to be a little carefree.”

The full interview between Clooney and Wallace on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” is available to stream on HBO Max.