Herschel Walker Pulls Out Fake Badge When Called Out for Lying He Was a Cop During Debate (Video)

The former football player produced the fake badge after his Georgia Senate opponent said, “I’ve never pretended to be a police officer” 

herschel walker police badge

The Georgia Senate debate took an interesting turn on Friday night when Republican candidate Herschel Walker pulled out a prop police badge when he was called out for lying that he has “worked in law enforcement.”

The move came after his Democrat opponent Raphael Warnock said, “We will see time and time again tonight, as we’ve already seen, that my opponent has a problem with the truth,” referring to Walker’s ongoing abortion scandal.

The moderator repeatedly called out for Walker to put the prop away as they are not allowed during the debate, but he ignored her and kept talking over her.

Walker of course has never been a cop. He received an honorary badge from Cobb County Sheriffs, which conferred no authority or law enforcement power on him. As one law enforcement official put it, it’s like “a junior ranger badge.” He has also lied about having been in the FBI .

The former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner for the Georgia Bulldogs is endorsed by ex-president Donald Trump.

Watch the clip, which was shared to Twitter, below:

In August, Walker shared an image of the Special Deputy Sheriff badge to Twitter to, writing, “While Warnock was calling law enforcement ‘thugs and bullies,.’ I was proud to serve the blue as an Honorary Agent and Special Deputy Sheriff of Cobb County for many years.”