Roger Stone Says Jared Kushner Has an IQ of 70, Calls Ivanka Trump an ‘Abortionist Bitch’ in New Footage (Video)

The tantrum happened after he learned he wouldn’t be pardoned after Jan. 6

Roger Stone
Getty Images

Ready to watch Roger Stone blow his top?

Stone, a shadowy, 70-year-old conservative operative who dresses and often behaves like a cartoonish super-villain, was recorded exploding (at who, nobody knows for sure) after learning that he wouldn’t receive a pardon in the post-Jan. 6 madness. (Trump had already pardoned him once before, shortly before he was set to service a prison sentence.) The Daily Beast obtained the footage, which is from an upcoming documentary. Stone can be seen in the back of a car, screaming into a cell phone.

“Jared Kushner has an IQ of 70,” Stone shouts. “He has 100 security guards. I will have 5,000 security guards. You want to fight. Let’s fight. F— you.”

Why was stone so mad at Kushner? Because Trump had appointed Kushner, his son-in-law, to sort out pardons in the wake of the deadly march on Washington, D.C.

“F— you and your abortionist bitch daughter,” Stone then screams, referring to Ivanka Trump, the former president’s daughter and Jared’s wife.

Filmmaker Christoffer Guldbrandsen, who also shared the footage on Twitter, told The Daily Beast that the footage was selected for the Jan.the 6 Committee but ultimately they chose not to show it, which is strange considering the picture that it paints.

Guldbrandsen told the Daily Beast that the footage was captured on Inauguration Day – January 20, 2021 – in Fort Lauderdale. The footage is set to be a part of the filmmaker’s upcoming documentary “A Storm Foretold.” (Elsewhere in the documentary, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reassures Stone that he’ll receive a pardon, according to The Daily Beast.)

Guldbrandsen told the Daily Beast that Stone has threatened to sue the filmmaker for $25 million, something that Guldbrandsen isn’t too worried about.