George Conway Throws Water on Notion of a Trump Victory From Supreme Court Decision: ‘Isn’t a Big Deal’ | Video

“I see a lot of people with their hair on fire,” the attorney and TV analyst tells MSNBC. “They can just douse their hair in water”

Count George Conway among those who are less than impressed by the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to pass on an expedited request to decide whether Donald Trump is protected by immunity in the Jan. 6-related federal case against him.

Conway is the conservative attorney and now TV analyst who wrote the plaintiff’s brief in the landmark 1997 Supreme Court immunity case that forced Bill Clinton to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit brought by Paula Jones. In Trump’s case, Conway said it won’t make much difference because the former president’s appeal to a lower court likely will be decided quickly anyway.

“I think today’s order is not a big deal,” Conway told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in an interview you can watch above. “I see a lot of people with their hair on fire. They can just douse their hair in water, because this isn’t a big deal. I don’t think it’s going to affect the trial date that much. Worst case is, the trial gets pushed to the summer.

“The reason is, I think this order shows the weakness of Trump’s immunity case,” Conway added. “And I think the court realizes it’s got the D.C. Circuit that’s going to hear arguments January 9th. It’s not a hard case. I think they’re going to move very quickly. If I was the presiding judge on the panel I’d already be writing the opinion. And once they rule, they can lift the stay, they can issue a mandate and lift the stay, which means, then you’re going to have Donald Trump saying ‘Oh, we need expedition, we need expedition.’”

Conway went on to repeat he thinks the timeline for a trial will be April, May or June and that “Donald Trump is not going to be able to stop it.”

“And the Supreme Court could grant that and hear it in May, hear it in June, and you could still have a summer trial,” Conway continued, regarding a possible post-conviction appeal. “Or better yet they could deny it because he’s already had his argument at a court of appeals before a very distinguished panel. Donald Trump should be frankly treated like every other criminal who’s been convicted in a federal district court and be forced to litigate his arguments after his conviction.”

Conway did not hold back on his messaging after the Supreme Court news, also appearing on CNN and weighing in on X.

See his tweets on the matter below. Watch the full segment from “All In With Chris Hayes” at the top of this post.


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