George Santos’ Marriage Reveal Reignites Questions – and Jokes – About His Honesty: ‘Did George Santos Just Hard Launch His Husband?’

The congressman mentions his husband, apparently named Matt, for the first time while commemorating Sen. Diane Feinstein

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) speaks to reporters outside of the U.S. Capitol Building on September 29, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

George Santos mentioned that he has a husband while he commemorated Senator Diane Feinstein, and the internet is confused.

“My husband Matt and I are heart broken by the news of the passing of Senator Feinstein,” the Republican representative wrote on X. “Sen. Feinstein was a trail blazer who dedicated over 30 years of service to her country. Our condolences to the Feinstein family as they grief this grave loss.”

At no time before had Santos ever mentioned a husband, let alone one named Matt, in public. 

“Did george santos just hard launch his husband … with the passing of senator feinstein?” Tim Hogan wrote on X.

“I’m at the Dianne Feinstein memorial service. I’m at the George santos husband reveal,” one user posted. “I’m at the combination Dianne Feinstein memorial and George santos husband reveal.”

The Messenger reported that Santos had previously mentioned that he is married. TheWrap could not find any previous mention of a husband named Matt. Reps for Santos could not be reached for comment.

“Using a US Senator’s death to hard launch your secret husband is somehow the gayest thing George Santos has ever done,” Kendall Brown tweeted on X. “10/10, incredible work.”

Santos is known for stretching the truth and flat-out making things up about his life. He has addressed the multiple lies on his resume, but that hasn’t stopped late night shows and “Saturday Night Live” comedians from spoofing Santos’ mistruths.


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