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Geraldo Rivera Argues With Hannity for ‘Obsessing’ Over ‘Phony’ Biden and Trump Doc Scandals: ‘Does Not Matter’ (Video)

”There is zero evidence that either President Biden or former President Trump did anything to compromise national security,“ Rivera said

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera sparred with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening’s episode of “Hannity,” during a segment about the investigations into President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump over their handling of classified documents.

While Hannity admitted he does not believe the investigations are going to bring down Biden or hurt Trump, he questioned why Biden’s documents were found on Nov. 2 and the American people were not informed until 68 days later.

“In the interim, during that 68 day interval, they set up a special prosecutor for Donald Trump and they also went a visited the Penn Biden Center and they didn’t tell anybody,” Hannity said. “Yes, they went to Biden’s home after they found documents there, but there wasn’t the siren, the raid, the kicking everybody out like they did Donald Trump. They went to the Rehoboth home, but they allowed Joe Biden to go to that home 10 days prior knowing they needed to look at that home.”

Rivera immediately fired back, calling the investigations into both Biden and Trump a “phony scandal.”

“The documents at Mar-a-Lago was a phony raid. It had nothing to do with the American people,” he said. “There is zero evidence that either President Biden or former President Trump did anything to compromise national security. People are obsessing over a story that does not matter.”

Hannity proceeded to double down, asking if it was “fundamentally fair” that the American people weren’t informed about Biden’s documents prior to the midterm elections.

“I believe what is happening with Joe Biden, in part, consciously or subconsciously, is a reflection of the authorities, the Department of Justice attempting to show the American people that they are being even-handed. See we raided Trump, now let’s raid Biden,” Rivera replied.

Hannity then began talking over Rivera, asking if the American people should have been informed before Nov. 8 and noting that the authorities knew Biden had the documents prior to the midterms.

“This whole story was so much in its infancy that asking Biden to hold a press conference before the midterms and say, ‘Oh by the way, the FBI is gonna raid my house’ or ‘the FBI thinks I stole documents’ is absurd,” Rivera added.

Watch the full segment in the video above.