What in the World Happened to Gigi Levangie Grazer? God, Guns and a Hollywood Kiss-Off

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After the sudden death of her new husband, Brian Grazer’s ex-wife’s surprising new lifestyle has her friends mystified. TheWrap looks for answers

Gigi and Chris Elise Story Featured image 3
Gigi and Chris Elise Story Featured image 3

The obituary wasn’t signed but it’s not hard to guess who wrote it.

For one thing, it was chock-full of personal details only someone intimately familiar with the deceased could have known — like the fact that, before he died, he called his mother in France every morning and began their conversation with the same refrain: “Bonjour Mamie, c’est moi, Titi!”

For another, it was much better written than most of the home-spun requiems on Legacy.com, a commercial website that offers mourners space online to post tributes to lost loved ones. The prose was smooth and polished, with a certain familiar sassiness and cheeky playfulness punctuating its otherwise somber tone.