Glenn Beck’s Mission to Save Christian Afghans Draws Cheers, Eye Rolls

“Does a real Christian rescue only Christians?” one commenter asks

Glenn Beck
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Glenn Beck claims to be doing what the Biden administration can’t: evacuating people out of Afghanistan safely. Except many people are calling BS on Beck’s selective “saving.” 

The conservative commentator’s Nazarene Fund has reportedly raised over $30 million and evacuated a total of 5,000 refugees from Afghanistan amidst the Taliban takeover. The rescue effort has been hailed as a massive success by Beck’s supporters while the organization’s focus on the country’s “religious minorities” is striking others as not-so-Christian. 

According to a report by the Washington Post, the Islamic extremist group’s presence has resulted in heightened fear of repercussions for Afghans of the Christian faith. 

Beck, who was in the Middle East for the proceedings, shared a photo of the last plane of refugees to depart prior to the ISIS suicide bombing of the Kabul Airport on Thursday, writing that next he would be boarding a plane to “help prepare their new home(s) far from the Taliban and ISIS.” 

“We will not forget those left behind. Our mission there gets tougher and more dangerous,” he wrote on Instagram. “We also, still have more work to do as now we have 5100 refugees sitting in another country wondering who will claim them? Sadly, but certainly not America.  Biden will only take people the cartels will charge, exploit and rape. Certainly, not those other people that are marked for death because of his policies.”

The radio host also explained how the funds were being spent in an earlier video update on Thursday. 

“We view your money as sacred money. It’s like tithing to me,” Beck said. “None of my travels or my team’s travels, none of it is paid for by the Nazarene Fund. I insisted it. Not a single meal, not a cupcake-and yes there will be cupcakes on this trip.” 

Beck’s supporters praised him and his team for doing “more for Americans than all of Biden’s supporters combined.”

Several online commenters were not convinced by Beck’s transparency regarding the cupcake budget though, continuing to label the rescue mission as yet another “grift” in addition to calling his quest to save only Christians from a predominantly Muslim country into question.


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