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Glenn Close and Jimmy Fallon Get Disgusting in Face-Stuffing Contest (Video)

“Tonight Show’s” Timed competition sees them bury their faces in fully-loaded nachos, spaghetti and blueberry pie

If you ever needed proof that Jimmy Fallon‘s affable likability allows him to convince celebrities to do things they might otherwise never do, one only needs to look at Glenn Close on Friday’s episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

The Emmy and Tony Award winner proved willing to get disgusting with Fallon in a face-stuffing contest, and it did not disappoint. They faced off in three rounds of competitive eating, devouring spaghetti, fully-loaded nachos and blueberry pie.

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To make things interesting, announcer Higgins said that they were only allowed to use some rather unconventional utensils. They had to wrangle the spaghetti with whisks, grab the nachos with salad tongs, and use tongue depressors for the blueberry pie.

Only there were no tongue depressors.

It was either a pre-planned gag, or a mistake in prep, but the end result was that they were told their only utensil for this round would be their faces.

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As expected, things got messy fast and it didn’t get better as the 10-second rounds progressed. But, it was close in the end.

Fallon took the first two rounds, but it was Close who came out on top after burying her face deep into that blueberry pie.

Watch the video above.