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Hugh Jackman Helps Jimmy Fallon Introduce World to Pool Bowling (Video)

The “X-Men” star wasn’t very good

Hugh Jackman can sing, dance, and act like Wolverine pretty damn well, but the man is no bowler. Or pool player. Or even a very good cheater.

The “X-Men” star took on Jimmy Fallon in a game of Pool Bowl on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” and couldn’t catch a break.

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“I tried to cheat, but I put my own ball back out there,” Jackman admitted during the segment (above). “This is a really bad moment for me.”

The game is simple: Stand on a giant pool table, and roll your giant cue ball to sink other giant billiard balls.

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Since none of these items are particularly accessible, viewers craving a new sport created from two old ones should consider picking up “BASEketball.”