Golden Globes One Year After Meltdown: Are Reforms Enough to Save Embattled HFPA?


Critics say the central problems plaguing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association remain unaddressed: ”You need to start from scratch“

In the year since the Los Angeles Times‘ bombshell report about systemic problems at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) — including the startling fact that the organization had no Black members — the massive reform effort of the nonprofit organization behind the Golden Globes has satisfied some but left others still crying out for proof of meaningful change.

Although the organization has taken visible steps toward reform following NBC’s cancellation of the 2022 Golden Globes telecast — such as admitting members of color and banning studio gifts — multiple insiders told TheWrap that the HFPA itself remains, in the words of one international journalist who sued the group, “corrupt to the core.”

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Diane Haithman

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Sharon Waxman

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