‘The Good Doctor’ Star Freddie Highmore Says He Has ‘One Regret’ After 7 Seasons

The hit ABC medical drama had the British actor working out of Vancouver, British Columbia since 2017

Freddie Highmore shared Wednesday night that he has “one regret” about his time making “The Good Doctor” over seven seasons.

Sitting with host Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the British actor admitted that for all his time living and filming in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, he didn’t take advantage of what the area had to offer enough.

Highmore — previously best-known for his child-actor work on features like “Finding Neverland” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” both with Johnny Depp — lived in Canada for the series’ filming since its 2017 debut. He starred as Dr. Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgeon with a photographic memory. 

In the interview with Highmore, Kimmel asked him about his time shooting away from his home in London. 

“You shot ‘The Good Doctor’ in Vancouver,” said Kimmel “So you spent a good deal of your life living up there. Are you going to miss being up there?”

“Yes, yeah, I will. I mean, I’ll miss the crew, they were wonderful, you know, everyone’s become such a family, and the cast,” Highmore said, before turning his attention to the various assets of the coastal city. “I feel like I never — my one regret is never embracing my full, you know, Canadian outdoorsy personality that’s probably in there somewhere.”

“Do you feel like you wanted to break out?” Kimmel asked.

Highmore recalled being tested on just how intense his camping experience was.

“They’d say, ‘Have you been camping?’ And I’d be, like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been camping.’ And they’d say, ‘Well, have you gone back country camping and walked for two days and carried all your stuff and fought off bears and put up your tent and do a cold plunge in the river and then so back home?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t done that!’ The cold plunge is just not — I don’t know. They tell you you’re going to get a good buzz, but I feel there’s plenty of other ways to get a good buzz that are just much more fun.”

Kimmel couldn’t help but share in Highmore’s disdain for cold plunges.

“I couldn’t be more on board with the notion. This cold plunge thing. I think about it for probably a total of 45 minutes a day, and the more I am against it, the more everyone else around me is for it, trying to say, ‘Oh, it’s so great for you!’ And they have no evidence of this. No studies have been done to determine that it’s great for you.” 

“Have you done it?” Highmore inquired.

“I have done it,” the host admitted. “And I’ll tell you something: It’s terrible.”

Watch Highmore’s full “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview in the video above.


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  1. Frank Avatar

    Freddie Highmore was also in the t.v. series Bates Motel. That ran from 2013 to 2017. It was also filmed in the greater Metro Vancouver area. Surprised that wasn’t mentioned. He had 12 years to get to know the great outdoors here. (He was also lucky to go from one series right into the next.)

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